Come Along, Join KA

First-year students, in accordance with the protocols established by Lehigh, cannot join a fraternity until their second semester. All students, not only freshmen, are encouraged to attend Rush Week, where fraternities will represent themselves and begin more actively recruiting new members.

Of course the best way to begin your journey into Kappa Alpha is to meet and hang out with us. You will learn we are united by friendship and a unique and profoundly intellectual pledge process that establishes bonds that lasts throughout the ages.

Through the years Kappa Alpha has carried forward the torch of true friendship and fellowship with a deep sense of responsibility of service to Kappa Alpha and Lehigh University. If this appeals to you then you are already on your way to becoming a brother.

A Message From The Brothers

Welcome to the website of the Kappa Alpha Society at Lehigh University. Kappa Alpha is the oldest greek letter society in North America. While our history is rich and diverse, what matters at the moment is who we are today.

The size of our chapter allows us to forge strong friendships and form a cohesive group that will last throughout our collegiate careers and lives. Kappa Alpha is a unique experience in every venture ranging from joining to being a venerable alumnus.

We want to keep this short since the only way we will get anywhere is if you meet us. Check back regulary for rushing information. Joining Kappa Alpha might just be the best decision you make at Lehigh.