David Schlang, VL ’67

David Schlang, age 71, died Thursday, November 1, 2016. David was a great man, committed husband, and adoring father. David attended Boys Academy where he was quarterback for the high school football team and mastered the art of marksmanship (though never put to use in his time in the Army as his two years of service were spent working at a military golf course in Texas). Prior to enlisting David attended Lehigh University where he was a member of Kappa Alpha Society and the golf team and graduated with a degree in business. Following his time in the Army, David returned to Albany where along with a close friend, he started his career in the music industry with the music distribution company, “One Way Records,” which he owned and operated from 1970-1995. “Just A Song,” a small chain of four of the hippest and coolest local record stores from Albany to Glens Falls, was added to the mix from the mid 1970’s to the early 1980’s. The stores are fondly remembered to this day for their “all records at $3.99 policy;” sponsoring live concerts and numerous fun events. David’s success in his field was fueled by his creativity, carefree nature and his deep and genuine passion for music. He was well loved by employees and business associates alike because he authentically cared for the people around him.

David was a philanthropist and believed in service within his community. He served on many boards throughout his life, including: Chairman of Young Leadership for U.J.A., Board of the Ronald McDonald House in Albany, and Board member and three term chairman of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers. David was also ready to showcase his considerable auctioneering skills any time that a fundraiser was in need of a volunteer auctioneer. He was known for his generosity and never said no to anyone in need. His athleticism extended well beyond high school and college. He remained a golf fanatic until the end. He is known as the guy to call when your golf game needed a fix. He was also an avid skier on both water and snow, tennis player, and just about any other “-er” you could be on a court or field.

David retired to sunny Arizona in 2005 where he could enjoy all of these sports year-round. David shared many interests with his wife Dayna. They were teammates, partners and cheerleaders for one another in everything they did. They truly were two people who were meant to find each other and live their lives together, and anyone who knew them could see the 33 years that they spent with each other were the happiest times of their lives. David was a one-of-a-kind guy. In his 71 years he connected with and affected people across the United States and beyond. He will be deeply missed by all. He is survived by his wife, Dayna; his sister, Barbara White; his three daughters, Liza, Lexi, Teri and son in-law Adam; and his grandsons, Kai and Sasha.

This obituary was taken in part from the Albany Times Union, published November 4, 2016.