Bert Schweigaard-Olsen, VL '54

Bert Schweigaard-Olsen passed away on February 25 in Sarasota, Florida. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and was 89 years old. He is survived by his wife, Eleanor Schmidt, his two sons, Bert, Jr. and Clark, his daughter-in-law, Carol, and his two grandsons, Walker and Patrick from an earlier marriage.

A graduate of Brooklyn Technical Institute and Lehigh University he majored in Industrial Engineering, was a BMOC and proud member of the Kappa Alpha Society (of The North). He worked for Procter & Gamble and Corning Glass where he was awarded patents. His natural outgoing personality led him to eventually head his own executive recruiting firm in New York City.

Loved by all who knew him he was the penultimate salesman with the ultimate gift of gab. Everyone he met was his best friend. His best meal was the last one he ate.

He relished the fact that his sons drained his wine and liquor cabinets and that his grand-sons did the same. He was a died in the wool New Yorker who didn’t think there was life beyond the Hudson River until he retired to Sarasota. Everything he did, every adventure he took, every day he lived was “the best.” He could sing and play the piano for all to hear. He loved being a member of the University Glee Club of New York City and on his way home in New York City he would walk in the door of one of his favorite restaurants and the piano player would play Sinatra’s “My Way” for him to sing. He was an original and one of a kind. He lived his life his way. We love you and thanks for the memories!

This obituary was taken in part from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, published March 4, 2022.